🇮🇪 Dublino: Working Holiday Visa (Eng)

EXPERIENCE: Working Holiday Visa 

COUNTRY: Ireland 

CITY: Dublin 


DURATION: 6 months (in progress)

PERIOD: 1 year

AGE: 23

General  Questions

  • What motivated you to face this experience abroad?

I was motivated by the travel opportunities in Europe. I knew if I could have a homebase somewhere in the continent, then I would be able to explore elsewhere easily!

  • Where did you live your experience abroad? 

I’m currently living in Dublin, Ireland. I’m originally from the US, but I graduated college and knew I wanted to move to Europe. Six months later I was able to make it happen.

  • Why did you choose this place rather than another ?

Originally, I was going to teach English as second language in Italy, however, I learned about the Working Holiday Agreement the USA and Ireland had. Basically, I had a year after college graduation to apply for a work visa in Ireland, which would be valid for one year. I was already six months post-grad, so I decided to take the once in a lifetime opportunity and move to Ireland instead of Italy!


Setting up and services 

  • Did you have troubles orienting yourself in the city?

It took me a bit to get used to roads, etc. in the city, but I have that feeling when traveling to any new place. I felt very oriented just a month in. 

  • Did you have any problem with the new culture?

I had no problems with the new culture, there were just some things I had to get used to. For example, different work ethic, different transportation, and accents/slang. None of these caused any actual problems, though.

  • Which transports did you use to travel around the city?

I usually walk, however buses are easy to take, and taxiis when the buses aren’t running. When I was living farther away from the city centre, I took the city subway/tram systems. 

  • When and if you’ve had some problems, with who did you talk with? (Offices, authorities, other)

I have not had any serious troubles (knock on wood). If I did, I would feel comfortable going to the police. 



  • Did you like it?

I love Dublin! I’m definitely a city girl, so Dublin is a great place for me in Ireland. It’s very international, which has allowed me to meet friends from all over the world. 

  • Which attractions / monuments do you recommend ?

Phoenix Park, the Guinness Storehouse, Jameson Distillery, Whiskey Museum, Trinity College, O’Connell Street, Temple Bar (the actual bar, and the district of Temple Bar which is Fleet Street where the actual temple bar is located). I also just like wandering the city and going to pubs. The River Liffey is nice to sit at, too. Day trips to Bray and Howth are very close, but the entire country is so small you can take a day trip just about anywhere. 

  • In the evening are there clubs for young people and university students?

There is great nightlife in Dublin! Tons of bars and pubs, a whole row of Clubs on Harcourt Street. I work night shifts so I often get out around midnight and still have fun nights out. Going out in Dublin can start at 10 pm and go until 11 am, the next day…

  • Are there any restaurants or clubs that offer benefits to Erasmus/young students, such as discounts on dinners, drinks or local entrances?

A lot of places in Dublin have student discounts as long as you have your student card!

  • Give us some suggestions on where we could have dinner or go for a drink.

Sophie’s, Fitzwilliams Rooftop, Capitol Lounge, Mad Egg, Lolita’s, Two Pups, Coffee.

  • If you want, share with us some photos of your experience ☺


 Working Location

  • In which area is it located?

I work in the city centre, near O’Connell Street

  • Where would you recommend staying?

I recommend staying in Dublin 2 or Dublin 1, close to Parnell or O’Connell street. Dublin 6,8, and 4 are nice as well just a little out of the way. There’s great hotels and plenty of airbnb’s. 

  • Is it easy to reach?

My work is very easy to reach, it’s right near the river. 

  • How was your work organized?

I saw an online ad for open interviews at a hotel, and went the next day and was hired. 

  • How did you feel working in this city?

Working in the city is a different experience than I am used to, but I very much enjoy it. I work with a lot of international people, so all of our work ethics are very different. 


Last  Questions

  • Did you enjoy your experience abroad? Why?

I am currently enjoying it, yes! I love meeting new people, exploring new places, and learning about the world. 

  • If you could go back, would you choose the same place to study/work?

I am actually planning on staying in Dublin to go to Graduate School. 

  • If you want, tell us some curiosities about the city or nearby places not to be missed.

Howth, Bray, Galway, and Dingle are all cities/towns that are great! The West coast of Ireland is stunning! In Dublin, you can feed to deer in Phoenix Park, which is good fun. 

  • Use 3 adjectives to define your experience abroad.

Fun, Late-nights, friends.




This was Lisa’s experience in Dublin, thank you for sharing it with us!! 🙂 

You can find Lisa on Instagram as @lisagoingplaces !!



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